“One of the few academics who can combine scholarship with creativity, criticism with fantasy, historical awareness with commitment to present-day issues”. – Shakespeare Quarterly

“a terrific guide and a talented writer.” –  James Shapiro, author of 1599 and Professor of English at Columbia University,

“Graham Holderness is an encouraging companion in endeavoring to unite what academia repeatedly strives to divide: faith and doubt, the ancient and the contemporary, rigorous analysis and creative response.” –Christianity and Literature

“Genuine, and often excellent, fiction . . . a gifted writer.” –  Shakespeare Quarterly

“Holderness’ range is impressive and his experience as a poet and novelist is always in evidence” –  Shakespeare Survey

“One of the best-known and most prolific of British Shakespearean scholars”. – Shakespeare Newsletter

“Holderness may be showing off when he draws attention to the range of literary models that he parodies, but he also proves something … that a gifted writer can convincingly take on voices and opinions that are not his own. The rest of us can only envy him”. – Shakespeare Quarterly

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